Executive Presence and the Voice

We need to connect with people. Not merely to persuade, inform or influence, but on a very human level. Physical distance need not mean socially distant.  But what makes some leaders more compelling, more authentic, and more impactful than others?  Work with a professional actor and one of the country's top coaches to unleash your leadership presence on screen or in person. 


Part One: Free Your Natural Voice

Speak with confidence, clarity and integrity. In becoming aware of your vocal quality and habits, you can add to your vocal toolkit and begin to feel the liberating power of a free voice.

Part Two: The Power of Words

How do the words we use affect the thoughts and feelings of others?

How can we communicate with conviction and clarity? How can we make a more positive impactcreate charisma to inspire change in others?

Part Three: Presentation Perfect

Learn expert tips to engage people through your story and convey your purpose. 

Deliver memorable presentations and become a spell-binding speaker.


In this challenging and uplifting session, you’ll learn how to approach presenting with the healthiest mindset, how to hook your audience, structure a talk for maximum impact and understand how to best create and handle slide-shows.