'The value of creation is in the innovation, not the manufacture.'

The Hundred Year Life, Lynda Gratton and Andrew Scott

Why Innovate?

The world is changing and so are the skills we need to thrive in business. At Culture of Learning we predict that the defining factor determining the success of business in coming years will be its ability to innovate effectively.

There is value in creativity. But there is even more value, once a team is working together, to make great ideas a reality.


Our learning programme

At Culture of Learning we design bespoke learning programmes specifically dedicated to the successful formulation of Innovative Teams.

Learning from the best

We believe that skills learned in the creative arts are an untapped reserve for business and that the sharing of skills between fields will improve the way we think and work. Our formula and techniques have been distilled from our experience working in classical music and theatre, where we have worked with and learned from some of the world’s finest artists and innovators.

Not Your Average Training Course

No off-the-shelf here! We like to do things differently. We examine your particular situation and devise a programme to satisfy your team’s underlying needs.  Because we are specialists in how people learn, we make sure teams EXPERIENCE the change and are empowered to continue the work long after we have left.


Our passion is to help you create the positive, exciting, innovative workplace that you may never have thought possible. We maintain a relationship with the companies that we work for and won’t be satisfied until we see the joy of your own Culture of Learning unfold in your place of work.