Your Development

'Investing in people is an investment not an expense.'

Sir Ken Robinson

Effective learning for you - and your team

A new suite of life-affirming courses to develop skills and positive thinking for an engaged and energised workforce.


Bite-size (90-minute), half-day or full-day options available.

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  • Assertiveness ~ Develop a new, self-assured way of being.

  • Resilience ~ Learn techniques to thrive through change.

  • Negotiation ~ Reach amicable agreement without compromise.

Work with a leading expert to unlock your potential and achieve public-speaking mastery.

For anyone who will  ever present, coach, teach or pass on knowledge, skills or information to others, this course will turn your world upside-down.

Nobody has ever bored anyone into doing anything.  Develop the confidence and skills to write effectively for your audience, whether you need to influence, inform or inspire.